Posted by: bbburnley | June 22, 2012

BBB 10 Year Celebrations Day 5: The Voice of Inspired Youth

The purpose of this event was to showcase the work of young people from two schools in East Lancashire in building bridges and inspiring others.  The first showcase was a film by students from Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College and Sir John Thursby Community College form Burnley, who collaborated together with the aid of Karen Barnes of Burnley Youth Theatre. The young people developed the idea from concept, through to writing, filming and producing the film. The film explores themes of difference, friendship and bullying. The film was followed by a question and answers session with some of the young people (pictured above) who took part in the project.


The second showcase was by The Hollins Technology College from Accrington. A group of young from the school (pictured above) introduced the film and the process they went through to produce it. The film went on to win the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s 2nd Annual Films Shorts Film Award at the BAFTAs. Their film, titled “Muhammad in Accrington – INSPIRING ME”, involved a montage of young people talking about how the Prophet Muhammad inspired them on a daily basis to be better human beings.

After the film presentations, the Hollins’ students invited the guests to take part in their follow up project by recording vox pop interviews and writing/drawing on paper what inspired them. Overall, the guests were inspired by the young peoples enthusiasm and films and wished them the best of success in their futures.

BBB would like to thank Colin Wills, Richard Hoyle and Afrasaib Anwar for their efforts in organising the event and also the students and teachers from Blessed Trinity, Sir John Thursby and the Hollins.


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