Posted by: bbburnley | June 22, 2012

BBB 10 Years Celebration Day 3: Share Faith, Share Food

The Share Faith, Share Food project is one run in partnership with the Mother’s Union. It was started by Kath Bill (pictured above), a BBB board member, with help from Runa Khanum, a former BBB employee. The aim of the project is to create a regular opportunity for women of the Christian faith and Muslim faith to get together and discuss their faiths, how they incorporate faith into their lives and discover what they have in common and the values that they share.What makes this project such a lovely thing to be part of is the exchange and sharing of food which the ladies prepare themselves and bring to share. The group has been meeting at St Peter’s Church for a number of years now and will hopefully continue for many years to come.

This particular event was a special one, to mark the ten years celebration of BBB and therefore, Dr Helen Reid of Bradford Churches for Dialogue and Diversity (BCDD) as a guest speaker. Below is a link to Dr Reid’s talk, delivered at the Celebration meeting.


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