Posted by: celticpilgrimagejhs | September 1, 2012

Bradford Faith Walk September 1st.

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A group of around 30 people from Building Bridges in Burnley visited Bradford recently to take part in the Bradford Faith Walk. The group consisted of Christians and Muslims who walked through Bradford together to visit the many different places of worship to be found there.
The walk began at St Peterʼs RC Church where the group were welcomed by parishioners and given tea and a guided tour of the church. The group walked then to Shree Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple where they heard the priest talking of the similarities between religions, observed a service in a beautiful prayer room and sent off on the next part of their journey with gifts of fruit of everyone. Next the group walked to Abu Bakar Masjid (Mosque) where an open question session took place. The way of Islamic Prayer was explained including how prayers could be broadcast to peopleʼs homes so everyone could take part. The next venue was the Guru Gobind Singh Ji Gurdwara when the Sikh mission was explained. This mission of hospitality and care meant an excellent lunch was provided for everyone. Afterwards there was a tour of the prayer room and a question and answer session. The final visit was Bradford Cathedral where the history of Christianity in the town was explained. Everyone had a chance to tour the building and guides were available to answer questions.
The Bradford Faith trail is available for anyone to take part in through the Treasures Revealed Project Burnley can rightly feel proud of the Building Bridges Project as the people the group met in Bradford were so encouraged by seeing such a large Interfaith group who are so determined to make a difference to the town of Burnley.


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