Posted by: bbburnley | September 21, 2012

New Vision and Mission Statements

Here at Building Bridges in Burnley we have been engaged in carrying out an internal review of the organisation, as promised last year during our Way Forward consultation. In line with this and thanks to funding provided by the Big Lottery, we commissioned an external evaluation of the organisation, and specifically of the Bridge Project.

At the beginning of this week, all the staff and board members got together at St John’s RC Church Hall to revisit and clarify how we represent the organisation and what areas of working we should focus on. Out of these discussions we have agreed upon the following statements:


As Building Bridges in Burnley we want our community to be a place where people of all faiths, beliefs and cultures are valued and safe

Mission Statement

Building Bridges in Burnley is a partnership of faith organisations who are working with others to celebrate diversity, to promote dialogue and activities to develop understanding, to achieve equality and justice.


Do you agree with them? Do they reflect what you perceive Building Bridges in Burnley to be? We look forward to your thoughts.



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