Posted by: bbburnley | December 11, 2012

A Heartfelt Goodbye

Nasrullah Anwar







Dear Friends and Colleagues


I have been with Building Bridges in Burnley now for three years and four months. In this time, I would like to think that I have made many friends in this town, changed the opinions of many more towards cohesion and interfaith and, I hope, enriched the lives of some through the work of BBB.

When I came to Burnley, I had no idea that I would come to care for the town and its people as much as I have. Burnley has many things going for it, especially in the education sector and the third sector. But even without all the investment that is coming in to the town, you only have to look to the horizon in any direction to see beautiful green, rolling hills; a luxury envied by many a visitor to the town.

Sadly, my time here at Building Bridges has come to an end. I will be leaving the organisation at the end of December to go work for Lancashire Global Education Centre. I will take with me fond memories, a Master’s degree gained in Burnley’s first University campus, a raft of experience and knowledge and hopefully the prayers and goodwill of my friends and colleagues.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped me and guided me these past few years; my line managers, Kath Bill and Father Peter, as well as the other members of my management board, my colleagues in the Clegg St and St Andrew’s offices, the Imams, the Christian clergy and the volunteers that look after the places of worship, our partners (of whom there are too many to list) and our supporters, especially Richard Spurin, Terry Hephrun, Terry Murnane, Richard Hoyle, Faz Patel and Afrasiab Anwar, the officers of the Borough Council and our funders. I cannot name you all here, but you all have made my all too brief sojourn in Burnley pleasant.

As I move on, I pray that Building Bridges in Burnley will strive on and that you will continue to support BBB and each other, and that one day they will no longer be a need for cohesion work. But until that day, may All-Mighty God continue to light your way.



Nasrullah Anwar

Principal Officer, BBB (1st September 2009 to 31st December 2012)


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