Posted by: bbburnley | March 13, 2013

Pilgrims share their time in the Holy Land.


More than 90 people turned up, to the Faith Centre, on Tuesday evening, to hear about an Interfaith Women’s pilgrimage to the Holy Land.   With organisational help from Building Bridges Burnley, in January, 22 women, 11 Christians and 11 Muslims visited the Holy Sites common to all the Abrahamic Faiths of Islam , Christianity  and Judaism. During the evening at the Faith Centre each pilgrim stood and relayed their experience of a particular site ranging from Al Aqsa Mosque to the Sea of Galilee. They all agreed that the pilgrimage had brought them closer in understanding of their own as well as each other’s faiths.

The most moving experience was when they visited an interfaith women’s group in Bethlehem, where the difficulties of living behind the separation wall were explained. The women from Bethlehem and from Burnley sang together as the Bethlehem Group has its own interfaith choir.

After the session on Tuesday night refreshments were provided as well as a chance to buy cakes baked by the Burnley women with the profits being sent to the Bethlehem women’s group.

As a result of listening to the Bethlehem women’s interfaith choir a similar choir is starting in Burnley on April 3rd at the Faith Centre. If you would like to hear more about the choir or Building Bridges in Burnley please contact Bea Foster on 07875517043.


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