Posted by: bbburnley | March 22, 2013

Christian and Muslim Youth Leader Day.


Away day for future Christian and Muslim leaders at Coldwell activity centre

On Saturday March 2nd at Coldwell Activity Centre 8 young adults, representatives from Christian, Muslim and no faith met up to discuss issues, which they as young people identified as needing to be tackled, in order that the town of Burnley could become a welcoming place for all people, regardless of their background. A place where young people had opportunities to grow positively. The day was full of very good conversations with people being very open about their concerns. The young adults came up with lots of good suggestions from more education around myths and assumptions to civic engagement around communities with clean ups to food banks. As a result, the young adults committed to attending Building Bridges Board Meeting to share their ideas on March 12th. To be the speakers at an open meeting at the Faith Centre on April 17th entitled ` Faiths working together for the common good`. To take part in a 10K run on behalf of Building Bridges and the Faith Centre in May, to raise money for our local Pendleside Hospice. They,also agreed, to meet regularly as a group to continue to push their agenda as a voice for young adults of the town forward.  We look to the future with a sense of excitement.


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