Posted by: bbburnley | November 18, 2015

Buiiding Bridges In Burnley supports the statement below.

We stand united in condemning the mindless violent terror attacks committed in Paris. This is an attack on the basic shared values of humanity; Liberté (liberty), égalité (equality), and fraternité (fraternity). We stand with the people of Paris and share their pain and mourn their loss. Such violence shatters our hopes and aspirations for a better humanity. By choosing to attack vulnerable people going about their normal lives, the perpetrators have committed a crime against the fundamental values of a free society. We pray for courage, resolve, and peace at this darkest of hours. We call upon people of all faiths to come together in solidarity to stand against such forms of mindless terrorism and violence.

Da’esh(Isis/Isil/IS) frames this conflict as a clash between Christianity & Islam; this divisive rhetoric will fuel further divisions and mistrust between communities which will in turn fuel further polarisation, prejudice and radicalisation. Using the name of God to wreak havoc and violence is blasphemy. Christians and Muslims need to unite and stand together, we would like to encourage communities in Lancashire to pray and work for peace, to understand our common ground/differences and challenge the growth of hate.

May God grant us strength and courage to spread peace.

Rev’d Dr Anderson Jeremiah & Mohammed Ali Amla


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