Posted by: bbburnley | November 21, 2015

Christians & Muslims in the Holy Land


7pm – 8.30pm (Faith Centre)

A few months ago Bea Foster, Samina Ali (BBB Faith friends) and Anjam Anwar (Blackburn Cathedral) went on a self-funding course, for ten days, to Jerusalem. St George’s College Jerusalem and the Christian Muslim Forum were facilitators for the inter faith course

Bea , a Christian, and Samina, a Muslim, gave a day by day account of the happenings when they went on the course in Jerusalem a few months ago.

They described the pain and pleasure they had experienced as they visited different parts of the country,e specially that of the Palestinians, and talked to the people.

They also told us about the other members of the course, who came mainly from London and Leicester being very surprised about what had been, and was being achieved in Burnley with regard to interfaith work and activities.

Two dozen people attended the illustrated talk, which Bea and Samina will give to any group who would like to see, hear, and find out about what real life is like in Israel.



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