Posted by: bbburnley | September 12, 2016

More events

At Burnley and Nelson U .R. C Church Fellowship Meeting Thursday 15th September, 7.30pm
Four people, including Bea Foster and Father Peter Hapgood Strickland, are going along to the Burnley and Nelson U. R. Church Fellowship Meeting on Thursday to tell them about the project called Journeys of Faith, which features four mosques and four churches in Burnley.

Burnley and Nelson U. R. Church is one of those featured. They will talk about the project, the book which resulted and a DVD of the launch at Towneley Hall. The book is not an intellectual academic work, but is about the places and the people who have worshipped in those places there for many years, and still do.

They will be taking along the special banners, one for each church or mosque featured, that were also produced as part of the project.

Drop In at Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre – to be arranged

Face To Faith, Share Food, Share Faith (Ladies)
Next Meeting Tuesday, 20th September, 7.10pm Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre. Rev Jo Williams talks about her work for the Baptist Church and there will be time to share ideas about the content of future meetings.

Interested In Being A Faith Friend in Burnley and Pendle Schools and Colleges?
For details contact Afrasiab Anwar at Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre Tel: (01282)682275 and leave your details

The next BBB Management Committee Meeting is Tuesday 8th November. 6.30 – 8.30 pm
at Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre
Please make sure you have a representative present. There has never been a more important time as all countries face the threat of terrorism. Burnley, through BBB, has been instrumental in bringing people together from across different faiths, cultures, backgrounds and generations.


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